Architectural Sign Letters

Architectural sign letters made from Cast Resin. Created for pub signs, ideal for hotels, restaurants and jewellers shops, also property names and property numbers where the corporate image needs to remain the same for many years. 

One of the most durable materials used for producing architectural sign lettering for property names is in cast resin. Cast resin letters are used where the property name will remain the same for decades.

Lettering made from cast resin can be painted in a silver or gold paint.

The advantages of cast resin lettering for long lasting signage for property names is that they are strong, durable, weather resistant, cheaper than built up metal letters, longer lasting than acrylic lettering and they are easy to fit onto brick or stone. Lettering can also be mounted onto painted timber or plastic sign panels as well as metal trays.


Roman ‘v’ Bevel font

Cast resin letters are supplied for easy fitting by any skilled trades person, lettering has hidden fixings on the back in either brass locators or stainless steel threaded rod fixings. A paper template is supplied to indicate where to drill the holes for the fixings.

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