why does brie taste bad

So trimmed the rind off, chopped the rest, which was delicious, and will (hopefully) live to tell the tale! Your email address will not be published. Exposing the cheese to air will help dissipate this aroma. Havarti: Danish cheese, and not the other way around. I tasted it even though the smell was really nasty amonia smell, I didn’t like the outside at all so I opted to cut the top off and then use a small spoon to scrap the softer center out to use, it was excellent this way although I feel like I lost out on the wieght paid for the rind that was supposed to be able to eat as well. – RG. This cheese was domestic in origin and was attributed to the Leiderkrantz club (I think in Philly) ..it was some of the best stinky cheese ever. Wow! In Brie’s case, the culture used to ripen Brie, while feeding on the cheese proteins, produces ammonia and the associated smell. If it sat out long, the ammonia smell would creep up..and it could occasionally smell like (gasp) old sneakers….but was it ever GOOD! My father and I would take trips on the Union Pacific and after dinner he would order wheat crackers and Leiderkrantz cheese along with a nice snifter of brandy. This some-what offensive aroma results when the cultures used to make the cheese consume and convert the proteins in the curd into ammonia. If the cheese is tightly wrapped in plastic and not allowed to breathe, or stored at very cold temperatures—such that the ammonia cannot escape—the ammonia build up is so great that there is a terribly strong ammonia smell and flavor. Often times, cheeses that you buy in the supermarket will not be able to breathe like they would in a case at a cheese shop, so it is quite common to pick up a wheel of brie from a grocery store fridge and bring it home to be welcomed by a cloud of ammonia. A by product of all bloomy rind cheeses is “ammonia” smell. True “Brie”, that soft-ripened” cheese named after the town of it’s origin, should not, in fact be all white. the amonnia smell appeals to some folks? Does anyone know if there is a cheese maker that still produces this variety? It will taste like ammonia, immediately, and like nothing else. – and had a terrible ammonia smell. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Jack Morgan Philadelphia, Pa. Traditionally, the French give cheese its own dedicated course at a meal, served just before dessert. Inside was creamy and lush. It still smelled bad and the pointy end of the wedge was a caramel brown when cut as opposed to creamy. Be nice to your cheese purveyor and you will be surprised how much they will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied. I love strong cheese but chemical tastes are not appealing to me at all. And it was before I had read this article. – RG, thanks for solving the mystery of the stink, i’ve retreved it out of the bin ( it was still in its wrapper ) bon apetite’, I frequently do cheese hors doeuvres and the best results for an unbaked Brie is being at room temperature no less than three hours. 1 decade ago. Apparently the “club” burned down and it is no longer available. lol those peopel must like to clean the cat box too I guess. It was a close cousin to Camembert and a ripe cousin to Brie. Each and every person’s taste buds are legitimate. Do you want yellow bananas or black bananas for puddings and daiquiris? I have often purchased brie or Camembert which I have thrown away because of the heavy ammonia smell, thinking that they were spoiled. Required fields are marked *. All Rights Reserved. it was not a total loss. I remember the inmates of a German prison striking over their Camembert not being ripe. Use your finger: Brie should be firm to the touch; if it is too soft, it is too mature and will spoil soon. I ate some old muenster cheese, and now, every time I lie down to try to sleep, I get the ammonia smell in my nose, so I keep getting up and looking up old cheese on the computer. We do not require that any particular consumer have any knowledge what so ever on what it is they may want. But now a question. My personal favourite is Stilton. I agree Dianne and if the smell is that heavy of ammonia, it may be too over ripe to eat. Glad I could find something to explain that smell … really had me wondering if we were given something that should have been pitched. Throw it away. I just had teh very same thing happen to me, I gota nice round of brie – it was completely white and had been refridgerated. For the first time in my life, I wish I lived in Philadelphia. 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