why coding should not be taught in schools

Unless kids are working, coding should not be taught: Abbott. Self-taught code is still practical with resources such as Codecademy or Code.org. Then and now, schools eager to teach coding , for the most part, catered to mostly white, middle- and upper-middle class students. 3. WHY CODING SHOULD NOT BE TAUGHT AS ‘THE TRUTH’ ... Well, because we live in a world where sequential thinking is one of the things that schools and scholars alike want your kids to use. Foundational programming skills are not needed for primary school children, unless … High schools should offer coding rather than require it. They were (and … Let me give you some background.I have a Masters in Computer Science from an Ivy League and started coding at 15. Absolutely no ! In response, critics argue that coding courses have no monopoly on the development of such skills, and that in fact such skills should be embedded throughout an entire curriculum, not the focus of a single school subject. Maybe coding should be taught in kindergarten to develop logic skills, and “real” math, beyond simple number manipulation, should be started as early as elementary school.

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