where to buy blood meal

Great for heavy feeders, like spinach, corn and salad greens. You can buy pounds of blood meal for as little as $10-15, and it’ll last for a … N : 12 P : 0 K : 0. product has no objectionaablel odor and is easy to apply. Blood Meal: Dried blood is an excellent source of quickly available organic nitrogen. A large portion of the moisture (water) is usually removed by a mechanical dewatering process or by condensing through cooking to a semi-solid state. BLOOD MEAL (From Fresh Slaughter House Blood) FRESH REDDISH BROWN to BROWN POWDER . economical way to buy blood meal fertilizer. Product Specifications. Jobe's Organics blood meal is the easy and natural way to provide green, leafy Vegetable plants, ornamentals, trees and shrubs with the extra nitrogen they need to produce healthy lush Foliage. Whole blood meal is produced by spray drying at low temperatures, the fresh whole blood from animal processing plants. I use as a high nitrogen N fertilizer organic ,which tends to repel garden animals deer,rabbitssquirrels' Promotes a dark, green color and rapid growth in most plants. Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product. The method of drying does affect the nutritional quality of the protein in the meal. Features: • A powerful source of organic nitrogen (13%) 21 ($0.58/Ounce) $17.99 $17.99 Blood meal is an extremely affordable and organic source of essential nutrients. The fresh blood is collected in on-site cooling tanks that utilize agitation to prevent coagulation of the fresh blood. You only need a little at a time, so whatever amount you buy will probably last you for a long time. For example, blood meal can't be imported to the U.S. from Europe because of the threat of Mad Cow … Blood Meal 12-0-0 50 Pound Bag. An excellent, organic source of fast-acting nitrogen to be used on acid loving plants. It’s made from blood, (most commonly from cows and pigs), and is very unattractive to squirrels. NOW Supplements, Bone Meal Powder with Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide, Natural Calcium Source, 1-Pound 4.7 out of 5 stars 267 $9.21 $ 9 . It contains 12-13 percent total N and, because of its soluble nature, is broken down rapidly by soil organisms into an available nutrient. Blood meal is a by-product of the slaughtering industry and is used as a protein source in the diets of livestock. Blood Meal promotes rapid growth and deep, dark green color, and is an ideal supplement for all annuals and perennials. If you purchase the blood meal online, avoid buying it from countries that have lax laws on meat production because disease can be spread through the blood meal. Buy high-quality blood meal. $67.21 each. Blood meal is a plant fertilizer rich in nitrogen. Purchase USDA approved blood meal from local nurseries, garden centers, or home improvement stores. Jobe’s Organics Blood Meal Granular is the easy and natural way to provide green, leafy vegetable plants, ornamentals, trees and shrubs with the extra organic nitrogen they need to produce healthy and lush, green foliage. Price: 875 USD/Ton CFR main Seaport blood meal, origin Italy, blood meal with 90% protiene, WEEKLY quantity 1 000 Mtons (= 50 containers weekly) - blood meal we can ship in big bags with each 1,2 Mtons in a 40 ft containers - attached 3 pages tec data sheets (page 3) - SGS inspection is possible - L/C payment is possible But it is a plant fertilizer so caution needs to be taken when using this as a squirrel deterrent in your potted plants. Espoma Blood Meal is an all natural organic source of nitrogen. The drying of whole blood from slaughtered animals derives blood meal. Blood Meal (13-0-0) has been used for years by organic gardeners as a slow release source of nitrogen, plus trace minerals. Chicken Blood Meal, flash dried, is produced from clean, fresh chicken blood, exclusive of all extraneous materials, such as feathers and urine, except as might occur unavoidably in good processing practices.

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