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The web is turning into a great place for keeping musical traditions alive. On heavy and higher-priced banjos, there are usually two. So professionals choose setups for a variety of reasons. A "backless" banjo is one that does not have a resonator. Note: - On "pop-top" banjos, the pot, tone ring, and resonator flange are all replaced by a single piece of metal, usually cast and milled aluminum. That's generally attached by four big thumb screws. Don't bother loosening things, though - the head will loosen a bit in time anyway. The tuners are sometimes called "tuning pegs" or some such. If I am 5 foot ten inches tall, I would not adjust my car seat the same way Greg Deering would as he is 6 foot 7 inches tall. The picture to the right is just to get you acquainted with the major parts of a banjo, so if you're a complete newbie, the following sections will make more sense. Adjustments like string height, string spacing measurements, fret height and neck shape combined with bridge height, head tension, tailpiece adjustment make for very unique recipes of individual players banjo sound and “feel”. In fact, I could buy a small, medium or large car and be relatively comfortable in each. If you aren't used to setting up instruments yourself, get someone who is to look at it right away (while you still have return privileges). Why does this work? Vintage banjos on the other hand have head sizes that are all over the map. If you had to do all of them on your very first banjo, you may have put in hours on the thing and still haven't got to learn the first chord. If the overtone is lower than the sound at the twelfth fret, move the bridge toward the tailpiece. If you want to experiment with an open back banjo, don't get one of these, unless you want your banjo to double as a medieval weapon. but going in and out of tune whenever you change chords is not. If the neck is bowed, locate the adjustment screw access. I believe that most folks who give up on banjo within a month of its arrival do so because they don't know how to make the thing playable - they either assume that they got a piece of junk or else that they lack the musicianship to get decent sounds out of the thing. Medium gauge strings tend to have more pronounced midrange response and therefore could be considered a more flat or “even” response. Check. Or not. ), We hear from players all the time that “this is the only way it should be done…” spoken so emphatically that it feels like a religious sermon. Some people try to tune their banjo heads up to specific notes, the way drummers do, such as a "G." You muffle the strings and tap the head so that you can hear the tone behind the thunk. After selling more than 120,000 banjos, I can assure you that every great banjo player, professional and amateur, has decided likes and dislikes in banjo set up, many of which are completely contradictory or at minimum, definitely different from each other. For more information about the coordinator rod(s) check out Deering's video here. Loosen the middle strings enough to get the nut or hex drive into the end of the adjustment screw and make at least a partial turn. 90% of the time the bridge will not look "straight" when you're done. About one in five import banjos has this problem, so you'll probably dodge the bullet, but it's worth checking for. If after a day or two, there is still fret buzz, back the adjustment screw off another quarter of a turn. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(1901150, '4a4196b9-f6ad-4caf-9b9f-e8befe5d12d1', {}); When it comes to banjo strings, there are some inescapable facts. Loosen all the strings so they're a few steps flat. If you have time, let the instrument sit a bit so the neck can decide whether it's happy where it is - sometimes the string pressure will pull it back into a bow even after you've tightened the adjustment screw. To tighten the head, you need to take off the resonator.

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