str dn1080 zone 2 spotify

The STR-DN1080 ($499.99) is Sony's contender in the mid-priced AV receiver category. Controller devices or applications on the home network cannot connect to the receiver. RDS does not work (for European and Asia-Pacific models only). While using Spotify Connect the display in front of the receiver shows "SPOTIFY" but the Zone Controls GUI shows nothing at all. Please enable JavaScript and reload the page. This happens after I started my trial period for Spotify Premium, precisely in order to test the Spotify Feature on the STR-DN1080. The AirPlay function would be nice as well, but this is not this forum's matter (I am using an old AirPort Express connected to the Red/White Analog RCA Jack's). Cannot connect the receiver to a service. HDR (High Dynamic Range) images cannot be displayed in HDR mode. Playback does not start, or the player does not automatically proceed to the next track or file. The receiver turns off when the TV is turned off. Need help? And I hope someone has an idea for a solution. Or you might just prefer using this app instead of the standard IR remote. No sound or only a very low level of sound is heard, no matter which device is selected. The receiver does not turn on even when the TV is turned on. Dolby Digital or DTS multi-channel sound is not reproduced. The sound is output from both the receiver and the TV. Features: – Controls the basic functions of the AV Receiver. Start the Spotify app and log in to the Spotify Premium account. Dual Zone: In addition to the main listening room, you can also enjoy audio playback from a different source in another room (Zone 2) of your home using the receiver's Zone 2 Line Output. You can also activate the zone you want using ZONE SELECT and ZONE POWER on the receiver. When I try to change my Main Zone source to any other source (SAT/CATV for example) the Zone 2 speakers stop casting. The Control for HDMI function does not work properly. 12. Not only can it play Dolby Atmos soundtracks up to a 5.1.2 speaker configuration, it also supports the newer DTS:X format. Cheers! The left and right sound is unbalanced or reversed. That is, when I try casting or connecting both zones plays my chosen source (Chromecast or Spotify Connect), and the Zone Controls GUI shows nothing as per usual (if we press this option "Source" is with the "selecting bullet"). Cannot control the receiver using a SongPal device. Interestingly, I just updated the firmware on the STR-DN1080 to the latest version M41.R.0374 and after that the list of Devices Available on my iPhone (5S iOS11) Spotify App keeps changing from "Spotify Connect" to "Chromecast". There is no sound from a specific device. When the music on the USB device is played back, there is noise, skipping, or distorted sound. Sony STR-DN1080 home cinema amp $598 $498 at Crutchfield Sony's Dolby Atmos and DTS:X-supporting amp has six HDMI inputs that cater for a range of 4K HDR sources. I've just installed my brand-new Sony STR-DN1080 and had no success whatsoever trying to listen to Spotify Connect (or AirPlay for that matter) on Zone 2 EXCLUSEVELY. Link Your Spotify Account to Your Audio Device Connect the mobile device and the audio Use a Google Home Device with a Soundbar or an A/V Receiver The Google Home® voice-activated speaker has many different features and functions that you can use with your sound bar or an A/V receiver. A test tone is output from a different speaker than the speaker displayed on the TV screen. It always reverts my Main Zone back to Spotify (or AirPlay) as one common source for both zones. In the Home Network case I use Serviio on my old iMac with a couple of Online Streaming Radios setup for testing. No sound is output from the TV when the receiver is in standby mode. Image and sound are not output from the TV when the receiver is not turned on. Image does not appear on the TV screen when the receiver is not turned on. The RDS information that you want does not appear (for European and Asia-Pacific models only). So I bought the latest Sony AV receiver, the Sony 1060, which has bluetooth, Airplay and all kinds of services including Spotify Connect. Setting up the receiver using Easy Setup, Enjoying video/sound from the connected device, Enjoying sound from a TV compatible with the eARC or ARC function, Watching HDCP 2.2 copyright-protected content, Enjoying audio content from iTunes or an iPhone/iPad/iPod via the network (AirPlay), Enjoying audio content using the BLUETOOTH function (Pairing operation), USB specifications and compatible USB devices, Receiving RDS broadcasts (for European and Asia-Pacific models only), Enjoying content stored on a server on the home network (DLNA), Enjoying music services offered on the Internet, Using Chromecast built-in™ to enjoy audio content from a smartphone or tablet device, Enjoying audio content stored on a BLUETOOTH device with a one-touch connection (NFC), Selectable sound fields and their effects, Relations between sound fields and speaker outputs, Resetting sound fields to the default settings, Enjoying clear and dynamic sound at a low volume (, Enjoying more natural sound with speakers installed in the ceiling (, Setting up a wired LAN connection (for wired LAN connections only), Setting up a wireless LAN connection (for wireless LAN connections only), Setting whether to control this receiver from a controller device on the home network (, Using SongPal to control the receiver from a smartphone or tablet device, Controlling the receiver using a smartphone or tablet device (SongPal), Listening to the same music on multiple devices/Listening to different music in a different location (SongPal Link), Listening to music by connecting the SongPal Link-compatible device, Listening to the same music in different rooms (, Using Video & TV SideView to control the receiver from a smartphone or tablet device, Registering Video & TV SideView device to the receiver, Checking the registered Video & TV SideView device (Registered Remote Devices), Deleting Video & TV SideView device from device list, Setting whether to control this receiver from a device on the home network, Enabling automatic access from a newly detected controller device (, Enjoying audio content stored on a BLUETOOTH device, Controlling a BLUETOOTH device using the remote control, Compatible BLUETOOTH version and profiles, Listening with BLUETOOTH receiver (headphones/speakers), Listening with BLUETOOTH headphones/speakers (Pairing operation), Enjoying sound from speakers located in another room (Zone 2), Setting the priority on the surround back speakers or Zone 2 speakers (, Configuring speakers installed in Zone 2 (for European and Asia-Pacific models only), Enjoying sound in two rooms using another amplifier, Enjoying sound using another amplifier in Zone 2, Enjoying video and sound in another room using a TV or another receiver, Enjoying video and sound in another location by connecting another amplifier or TV using HDMI connections (HDMI zone), Interlocking with BRAVIA TV and other devices (“BRAVIA” Sync), Preparing to use “BRAVIA” Sync function, Turning off the receiver and connected devices simultaneously with the TV (System Power Off function) (, Enjoying TV sound from the speakers connected to the receiver (System Audio Control function), Enjoying an input source from a connected device immediately (One-Touch Play function), Selecting the optimum picture quality and sound field automatically (Scene Select function), Operating the receiver menu using the TV remote control (Remote Easy Control function), Enjoying video and sound with your desired way of use, Switching the TVs that output the HDMI video signals, Switching between digital and analog audio (, Using other audio input jacks (Input Assign), Saving and recalling various settings for the receiver (Custom Preset), Items for which you can save settings and the default values for each item, Calibrating the phase characteristics of the speakers (A.P.M.

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