spyderco bench stone review

Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2013. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. You can read for weeks on sharpening and get hundreds of opinions on what is 'best'. My Ultrafine 2" Spyderco was flat. I also Used water with the stone so that probably helped a lot on keeping it clean. Super! Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. This is one of the major reasons at to why I chose to try the Spyderco Ultra Fine stone. Spyderco Bench Stone 306UF, Ultra Fine: Sehr feiner Keramik-Schleifstein von Spyderco. BLACK FRIDAY DEALS ARE HERE | 100's OF ITEMS ADDED! I have the fine and UF bench stones. It will give you a surgical grade polish, but not mirror. While kind of pricey for something to sharpen knives, this is a nice, hefty very fine ceramic sharpening stone. SHOPPING Bench Stone Ultra Fine Spyderco Inc And Tactical Components Llc Ar 15 Rite Pull Adapter Bench Stone Ultra Fine Spyderco Inc And Tactical Components Llc Puts a great hone and shine to your bevel. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Shop for Products Featured On Instagram Here. This Fine is not. This is incredible! See all details for Spyderco - Fine 2" by 8" Benchstone Sharpening Stone with Light Blue... © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. - Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker - Spyderco Ultra Fine Benchstone - KnivesPlus Strop Block Since I have started using this, all my knives have turned into razor-sharp instruments of cutting and slashing! I've had better luck using a slightly higher grit stone first and then the Spyderco UF last. I have always been able to get a very good and sharp edge, however, after incorporating the Spyderco Ultra Fine stone into my sharpening routine I must admit that I have taken my knife sharpening to a whole new level of refinement. In fact, after getting shaving sharp on a DMT x-fine bench stone, I've got that good feedback in the stone again. I bought the Spyderco Ultrafine as a finishing stone after the use of my Norton combo 4000/8000. They are otherwise excellent sharpening stones. It's not a substitute for coarse, medium, or even what other companies call "fine". I wanted a stone I could bring into my office from the shop and use without mess that … Between those and the Spydercos, I am covered for everything I might need. I'll be ordering the Med. Love the feeling, love the look, love the sound, and of course the job it does. Do your homework, these are good stones, but you need to understand where they fit in a more complete sharpening routine and there are different paths to a great edge. For what I consider them good for I LOVE the Spyderco ceramic stones. 5201 Lad Land Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22407 - 800.338.6799 (Phone Orders Welcome), Durability, Ease of Use, Effectiveness, Overall Quality. This stone makes a very good razor hone. Across the shorter (2") dimension it was flat. No water required, except afterwards to clean the stones. Hasn't dished out on me and has honed well over 20 of my knife edges. Description . Puts a mirror microbevel on a properly sharpened edge. Perfectly white till I touched up a few kitchen knives and my Para 3 only 1 hour out of the packaging. Scratched the blade up a little. I use this stone after using the fine mastersharp rods. I have the impression this will be essentially impossible to wear out and should get handed down to my son. It really puts that sharp fine edge on my straight razor and it makes it shine like a sharp edge is supposed to. The exception is for Shapton Glass Stones; in my opinion, they are the standard of high quality in the industry! I've been working as a chef for the past 3 decades and nothing I've tried sharpens knives as effectively as Spyderco ceramic bench stones. Some are worse than others but these were acceptable; about the width of 20# copy paper out of flat. The problem with the "Moon Stone " is that it's only 3 3/4" long; hard to use when sharpening a long blade. as well. I got a set of DMT diamond stones for sharpening my kitchen knives, but I found even the 6000 grit to be too aggressive for final sharpening. The stone sets at a prefect high to allow free hand sharpening with ease. Some prefer the ultra fine over the fine. If Spyderco starts making a extra ultra fine I'd get that as well. It puts the finishing touches on your blade to give it a keen edge and a nice polish. Given how most would use the stone might not be an issue. I am very impressed. It works fine right after an 8k Shapton glass water stone and prior to stropping. Take a piece of 1000 grit sandpaper and sand one side of the stone. I even use the UF stone for honing straight razors. Still have the knife and moon stone but I went back to a 15 degree angle. Does require some cleaning after several knives as it does load up with material but that is easily taken care of with a brillo pad. I was afraid of this knife after I sharpened it... gerber silver knight with abalone handles, 440c steel, and I changed the bevel to as low as possible. Made from ultra-hard alumina ceramic material, Spyderco's fine-grit benchstone is used like a traditional sharpening stone, but does not require oil or water. When my straight razor gets dull I strop it 20 times or so on this stone and then strop it on my leather strop, then the canvas strop then the leather strop and it's sharp as a razor can be. Stone was not flat along the longer (8") dimension. Maybe they cut similarly, but the Spyderco leaves me with a smoother edge. None of them are particularly aggressive so you can get frustrated trying to bring back a very dull knife. Home » Catalog » Bench Stone Fine (302F) Benchstone Fine 302F $70.00 MSRP. Fun tip on getting it clean, I used a Magic Eraser between knives and it kept the stone beautifully clean and without marks. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. I find it slightly more fine. Spyderco ceramic stones I've been working as a chef for the past 3 decades and nothing I've tried sharpens knives as effectively as Spyderco ceramic bench stones. I use a variety of diamond bench stones so I'm pretty familiar with different grits and I would say this stone is about 2200-2500 grit. I follow my DMT Duosharpes up with this stone and then migrate to an Arkansas Surgical Black followed by a good strop. Of coarse, makes my knives razor sharp. Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2016 Size: Medium - 2" x 8" Verified Purchase I bought this after having the Spyderco Ultrafine 3X8 bench stone for some time and liking it. Subscribe Today: Exclusive Specials, Free Stuff with Every Order, Early Access to New Items! I am very happy with this stone. Definitely helps put a finer finish on my edge. And mirror finish I mean you can see reflection in it.

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