snickers apple salad

Some don’t use the pudding mix. I love this salad because it just so easy with the 3 ingredients. While snickers apple salad is classicly made with Granny Smith apples, I like to use a mix of green and red apples for color. This delicious apple snickers salad has layers of granny smith apples, snickers, and caramel in a creamy topping made from cool whip, milk, and vanilla pudding mix. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned on this site. … I typically grab half Granny Smith apples and half Red Delicious apples. Thought some of you might like to try it too! You can make this recipe so quickly and easily for potlucks, family dinners, special occasions and more. If you think that Snickers in a salad is strange, just try it. Easy Snickers Apple Salad. Snickers Apple Salad is a party and potluck must-have. If This salad is the perfect appetizer recipe to take to any potluck or family gathering you might have. Make this snicker apple salad without pudding today! I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t just love this salad. The tart apples and sweet Snickers compliment each other perfectly in this easy-to-make Snickers and Apple Salad. There are all kinds of versions of it out there. Found this recipe and thought it sounded great. Layered desserts like this one, our candy bar trifle , and even banana pudding , are perfect for parties when you want a dessert to wow your guests! Some don’t do the grapes. Apple Snickers Salad Snickers Apple Salad may seem like an odd combination. Made with only a few ingredients of, whipping cream, pudding, Snickers candy bar, and apples. Share; Tweet; Pin; Easy to put together Granny Smith’s Apple Snickers salad. Choosing crisp, tart apples like Granny Smith helps to offset the sweetness of the other ingredients. 254 shares. It is easy to feed a crowd and everyone always loves this easy fruit salad side dish. Even though this is a dessert , it still kind of counts as a green salad , right? This Snickers Salad is a fruit salad with pudding, whipped topping, and of course – Snickers bars. You don’t regularly see recipes including candy bars.

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