religion used to control society

In most cultures, the elites really control religion. By using this power the Pharaohs were able to convince the people to build many things in their honor. It's easy for a critic to make a statement and assert that it is true. What was pulled from the lectures was that Pharaohs were given their power by this idea that they were the god in human form. Even when the Pharaoh turned to a different main god, the general public still held strong to Amen-Re. Everything that is part of a societal system, including law, is influenced by religious beliefs and practices of that society. Heck, just look at this country now. Also, like you mentioned with the Pharaoh, ruling elites often claim to be descendants or incarnations of deities, or sponsored by certain deities. In fact, are there any answers? I'm not very familiar with non-christian religious texts, but the Biblical God was used as a reason for everything from law and punishment to nomadic tent city developement. Is it to keep people passive so they don't misbehave and riot, steal, or murder? Nevertheless, let's proceed and look at some issues related to this initial question? But the elites told the common people that the year was only 220 days long or so, so the seasons never matched up and agriculture was unpredictable. From all of my research into religions and cultures across time and space, one thing that you mentioned always pops up, elites utilizing religion to gain power/wealth/favor etc. If a person believes in Christianity, what kind of control is he under? he always tells us that “religion belongs to the elites” which if you think about it, it really does. In fact, religion held so much power at a point in Egyptian history that the priesthood of Amen rivaled the power of the Pharaoh. ANP363: Rise of Civilizations is a survey course designed to introduce students to the archaeological evidence for the appearance and development of early civilizations. Religion is often singled out as the thing that is used to control people. If religion was invented to control people, how do we know that government, schools, and marriage weren't also invented in order to control people? This enabled the elites to utilize religion and power to tell the commoners when to plant crops because they had knowledge of the actual calendar. This made me contemplate why did they give tribute to the Pharaoh in the start. However, it is very possible that religion of some sort influences the beginning stages of societies, and its power grows with the power of the state. Harvard University Press, things like being a good person, religion used to control society is no longer an offence and this is due to shifts in society’s values. The creation of separate burial grounds that far exceeded that off “normal” civilians was part of the way this power help to social stratify the society even more. I don't see any questions being answered by critics. religion used to control society. Those monumental structures were built because there was the established state authority able to control the masses and coordinate such projects. Seriously, to control them for what reason? Religion is a Social Control Tool Throughout history, religion has proved to be the main source of social stability in different communities and cultural groups. Is it to get them to not think and just follow blindly what doesn't have scientific merit - as if something scientific is necessarily true? True religion and true psychology are the same. Religious rituals such as birth and burial celebrations, child dedications, weddings are effective religious tools that are used to promote not only group cohesion, but also solidarity (Koenig, et al., 2012). Pharaohs using their religious-based power are no different than other rulers using family-based power to influence their people. Power also came with this differentiation  the very creation of these elaborate temples, and their sheer numbers in the sites that litter Mesopotamia can be used to show the acceptance of the Priest with in a separate category. But for someone to say that since a cult establishes control over a group of people, therefore religion as a whole is meant for the same thing, is illogical. We need more. Right? Since the Maya were excellent astronomers, they had knowledge of the real, 365-day seasonal cycle, even if their calendar didn’t name off all 365 days, and this knowledge was well known to the elites and priesthood. A mistake many make is falsely projecting a single incident to condemn the whole. Anyways, I found that story really interesting, and it goes well with your post about elites, religion and power. It is similar to the Fallacy of Composition which is assuming that what is true of the part is true for the whole. If you have any issues, please call the office at 385-246-1048 or email us at Also, Maya rulers often share names with certain deities, legitimizing their rule and claim to power. If not, why not? In order to be the society they were the ancient Egyptians needed that stratification and authority, it just happened that the method of developing those and maintaining them derived from their religious beliefs. Furthermore, are all of the sacred books that were written so long ago actually written with the intention of controlling people? Thought went into the construction of the temples with focuses on decorative architectural features, such as mosaic decorations, recessed portals, and niched facades. Yes, religion can be used to control people, but so can institutions like government, schools, marriage, and the military. Was religion invented in order to control the population of nations? Does that even make any sense? Religion legitimizes both kingship and power, and it has since the beginnings of both religion and organized communities. click, Contact | Facebook | Twitter | Store | Radio | Copying and Linking | Statement of Faith | The Warning TractCARM, PO BOX 1353, Nampa ID 83653 | 385-246-1048 | info@carm.orgHosting by  Powered by the Connectivity.Engineer Network, Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry, CARM, PO BOX 1353, Nampa ID 83653 | 385-246-1048. Religion is nothing more than a tool that’s been used over centuries to manipulate people, usually for the benefit of a select few. But he mentioned the Maya calendar, and what he told us was really interesting. In China, the Zhou Dynasty introduced the Mandate of Heaven which legitimized their rule by saying “if God didn’t want us to rule, we wouldn’t be ruling.” That if they didn’t have the support of the Heavens then something would happen to remove them from power. We talked in class about the characteristics of an ancient state, how they need stratification and state authority. The psychology of mass population control, is based on the current level of the “evolution of psychology” which is to normalize deranged behavior then exploit human weakness for sordid gain. If the secularists want to assert that religious systems have control over people, then they need to also assert that non-religious belief systems have control over people, too. Asking for verification from critics of religion, and Christianity in particular, in support of their proposition that religion was invented to control people, is yet to be delivered. Was the Quran written 1400 years ago also written for this purpose? What really interested me from the lectures and reading for this week, was this idea of Power of Elites through Religion. It is curious to me whether this occurs with in every beginning of every society?

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