patent genes: pros and cons

Sources: (1) McGuire, Richard. The biggest con, as presented in the text are, “the fees demanded by Du Pont,” or any patent owner (Watson 124). In fact, Crichton even included an appendix in which he argues against gene patenting. Gene patents might not apply to genes in the context of whole genomes, Manogue said. Pass it on: Gene patents affect both genetic research and access to genetic tests for patients, critics of gene … Understanding the pros and cons of seeking a patent can help inventors make an informed decision about whether patenting the creation is the right path. Gene patenting is one of several biotech hot-button issues that run through the novel. “Should Private Companies Be Allowed to Patent Genes… Pros, as with any patent, prevent the possibility of stolen work and the thief claiming the work for himself. In general, the owner of the patent… Mainly, I conclude that genetic patents are necessary and useful to society and should be legal, but a company should have to go further than merely isolating a gene, such as inventing a sequence which did not exist in nature. Advantages of Patents When an inventor or … Gene patenting has its pros and its cons.

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