pan fried fish tacos

Ready in 15 minutes! Flour-Prepare a plate or a bowl with flour. Step 2. I am definitely an all-around taco fan, but I think that fish tacos have to be one of my favourite kinds. I love fish tacos and to make them without frying the fish makes this recipe even better. Also, when you put water in hot oil, it creates splashes and you might easily get burns. They're so good that I sent the recipe to my sister. Pan-fried Fish Tacos with Street Corn Sauce is an easy weeknight meal the whole family will love. This healthy fish taco recipe is made with pan-fried white fish, smoky spices, easy slaw, and chipotle mayo. Seasoned fish is pan-fried then paired with a light cilantro slaw on corn tortillas for a quick and healthy weeknight Mexican dinner. The street corn sauce in this fish taco recipe is fabulous on just about anything, so use it liberally. Her son missed dinner but gobbled up all the leftovers. Excess moisture lowers the temperature of the oil. My first introduction to Baja fish tacos was at Rubio’s and I was hooked right away. Oil burns are nasty, so be careful. HOW TO MAKE PAN FRIED FISH- GRANDMA STYLE: Step 1. Pat dry the fish– Before you start frying the fish, make sure it is completely dry. Ready in 15 minutes! A few years ago, there was a Mexican restaurant in Miami that had the BEST estilo baja tacos!

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