neumann u47 telefunken

The U47 was the result of the pre- and post-war work of two companies: Telefunken and Georg Neumann GmbH. I'd throw the Telefunken ELA M 251 into the mix. Even worse if you are the said producer. It was designed around a Telefunken-developed steel-cover radio tube, type VF14m. Both sounded amazing, but the 251 is somewhat brighter in a nice way. Original body, chassis and screen from 1960 era. The nominal sensitivity is a very modest 8mV/Pa, and this can be further reduced in two ways. The mic was checked out by the seller’s tech a month ago. It became a bench mark mic in the early fifties, but was expensive at around $400. Telefunken originally produced the steel-covered tube for the German army’s field radios in World War II, but it was Georg Neumann who gave this vacuum wonder a second life. The Neumann Model U 47 was the first post-war mic produced by Georg Neumann GmbH in West Berlin. What's the sonic difference between a brand-new Telefunken U47 microphone compared to a vintage original Neumann U47? A Telefunken / Neumann U47 for sale in exceptional, collector-grade condition inside and out. Telefunken made vacuum tubes. The U47 was manufactured by Neumann, but initially distributed by Telefunken. Neumann describe the U47 FET as a fixed–pattern cardioid microphone, although it actually has a distinctly hypercardioid response for all frequencies above about 500Hz. The Telefunken U 47 (also branded as a Neumann product) is easily one of the most sought after condenser microphones ever produced, and with good reason. P.S. Georg Neumann GmbH made condenser microphones. It may "look just like a Telefunken U47 - even with leather and all - but you know that this thang ain't bought for its looks, like some of these pouting and preening high maintenance women who somehow are married, for whatever reason. Neumann took over distribution in the 1950s; the mics distributed by Neumann bear a Neumann logo. Power supply is still healthy and strong and all caps / … The Telefunken U47 is awesome until you have to pull one out of a producer's a$$. Doorbuster Price Drops, Discounts, and More The Pre-Black Friday Sale Specifications The Neumann U 47 is also known as: U47. The mic itself has the original M stamped VF14 tube as well as original output transformer. With Neumann’s capsule and Telefunken’s tube, together they made an incredible microphone that recorded a lot of great music. The mic was released in 1947. : 'Telefunken', as it appears on the Neumann U47's badge, was the export company, separate from the tube manufacturing unit; Telefunken never made microphones or parts for any of the mics carrying its badge, and did not select the VF14 for U47 use. We had both the U47 and the ELA M 251 at our studio for a while and I preferred the 251 on many voices. Originally released in 1947, the Neumann U 47 (also badged as a Telefunken product in the 1950s) was a revolutionary tube microphone design which significantly increased fidelity over earlier "bottle" microphones and offered switchable polar patterns without the need to change capsules. Unfortunately I've never tried a c800 so can't compare there. That was done in the Neumann … Therefore, many early U47s bear the Telefunken logo. 2007 M7 Telefunken capsule, Bv8 transformer and VF-14k tube. Most of the electronics were replaced by Telefunken in 2007 and it has been recording flawlessly since then. Vintage Telefunken/Neumann TUBE U47 short body which was refurbished by Telefunken in 2007.

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