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�\��#�vI�'˗�����гf�����,�k��r��h2�Z�8��~mu@�"�vq����%Y\T�=���~��GcY|*�Hr�t%�+�����?f���t�N�'r��\�6��V�IEz��f`j�;L� Xg"�K�s9ks�����u���� Moose the Mooche - Charlie Parker Solo - Eb There is document - Moose the Mooche - Charlie Parker Solo - Eb available here for reading and downloading. Published by Jazz Lines Publications. By Supersax. Title: Moose The Mooche (Take 1) -- Bb Author: scooby Created Date: 12/12/2010 9:54:47 PM 1. �F�P0�ј�d��@?G0��x��}�;c��I��K0*dbe�N]�0�Reek�0���H�*c����I�mx���qÙ�5��2�l�z)��};Dm�a���{B�K���k���]8���*�˼5�j��L��w���o���>3��}��QSHu�}6��s���U��Tf�ܴ����1aPx��]��s����q�][�@lڰ��yY�)9J���e�n�tC�����XgA_g���:���`=�1�Y�d�L˚�F��cG/4�x��{@��:{�7�Ax�%��'�@���9Wme��6 V��>��k�t�Woq��D�3�um�fx��ա'��q���ƕ_�\�p�U��0`Xt���6E !PJ����;n9��������}�Ky2�xL. "Moose the Mooche" is a bebop composition written by Charlie Parker in 1946. Moose the Mooche was written by the bebop pioneer Charlie Parker. For jazz ensemble - octet [saxophone section with rhythm section]. Swing. Instrumental Solo, and Piano/Chords in Bb Major. Format : Score and Parts. %PDF-1.3 (VÅ€²“ãìdº¼ƒ\. 2 0 obj b7ܭo3�� 60,�&HR�c�D��%���7�̈́���N�l��bK�p�=�V9���[l��I�XoqJK"R��[MD�-t�~k���A&�A������vA�!=�}Fv��8ݦu+�=0�O�P�y�>�z⏖�8#7>�|�L��{�o�|߷kҪ�~�jN�y�pZtLnlZI��ir� Search Search Advanced. z�-n)��Պ�15�~��o����F��@s�.����.ހ�/W|�8���3"k�&z���a�F�IJ�)Ɛ�LS�nT=gb�đ~�?��ͯ�5��^��Fս��Q�:�K��i�UM\=�!�M� |�U�Otf����zr�4�vqt��^��V�j��ж�������w���3* a8e;�eVڨ/B�����\�&)3�N��Vw.o�S��������Qg��˦0��@�e��OD ±]�Q�`����D_n��,�����*�O�X��:\:�Jٜ�z|����h� Use the download button below or simple online reader. SKU: MN0160762 ˝Moose the Mooche ˛masuk di dalam album Yardbird suit disc. Parker had been a long time heroin addict and some historians suggest that the song was named after the drug dealer, Emry "Moose the Mooche" Byrd, who sold him drugs for several years before being arrested. Print and download Moose the Mooche sheet music by Charlie Parker arranged for Piano. xڽ}ɶ�q�_�v�,��Ja��%o[�Z֦����{����2�L��$)�HE� �y��˟/�q���f.����������b��I�:��P.�,�p��/���/ߗ��ń��I�'������2����_�z������s��_�랯���Kj�}yqmU�b�.�tX����;��v�'�m׵���������Ͽ���_���o~��ǟ�����迿�ݏ��W�п��O����,)���kmn;i�P���[t������3�O�h�������������ue &ZU?�[��X�\[����kg�B�.�_�;OW����?/��Wš����=���=����ѯ5I�/!�g�/_�{xpm�����K�y�����+|���p��yL��:���0�c�K���K�qq!u,���?��{���ݏ�?ԓ����n�ӭ]mPM����'�Fm�F��%x�^���՘[�hn�q|/�I��s��� ��X�tS3l��}�������3�)�Ǣ�z %qM�:���?�ʲ�p�b��T���)���HH���X��u�^G 5u�t�8i0d���aZ@��������Ś���S(�襐��(U�(Ab�u%���}���/o���ߧ����S� Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. *ÀŶIÈ­,â5 YwrxÇ8¾åûø.4ÒÙ2É£(ôf`kß_ë–›$œpà�)ÿÙŸV®Í?¦E)ϘԨ. stream ~�#gG�\�u�s��n,�R脳[RL�S�g�.\79�� i�������Q��Ŭs�x~5����esC�x���s��� ..... 16 segment 97 Full score and set of parts. The file extension - PDF and ranks to the School Work category. Free Sheet music for Piano. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Moose The Mooche - Charlie Parker. Moose The Mooche $50.00 - See more - Buy online Lead time before shipment : 2 to 3 weeks. moose the mooche 4 my little suede shoes 120 now's the time (no.1) 74 now's the time (no.2) 76 ornithowgy 6 an oscar for treadwell ..... 42 parker's mood 134 passport 102 perhaps 72 red cross 66 relaxing with lee 122 scrapple from the apple. ��rÃ�K �������3It����{����c�,��P���Y[%H��K��9�믟�Z���M;%9��Y�s����7�oN�8>Iޗ�7'�B��V�D�>�=��)�c�B����>��`=���f_�a�E=-S���,p .���K��vR|��8��7�w�c�d��gψY�~�J� �\�:����.%�X׎�������z],t��V{�!��-hB�w���5j�/�8�"Qߔy�{�m_�!��n���R���KN�]���DfAR�X��t�y?�J��.�X��{��sfA�O��t���i��6B~ �Э�������ɗ Moose-the-Mooche-Bb-2.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. ���ŃӋ6����+ ���m��@4%��^R�X�V�r�����,8k~��wM�`�-��6�wQ!�3��*E������R4�B$�{�{��UW���F�M�A��q�,.$�hH��-�y{ǝA+�'.u{��I�6�$���!ٱ=:R B$�7��)�.�̕)�i)a�s����J�q]��䷪0���Onp��f����� %��������� << /Length 4 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Barry Harris solo on Moose the Mooche Charlie Parker Bb C-7 F7 Bb C-7 [��aTX"C�o�;O��o0���2 & 4 4 ’ ’ ’ ’ C6 A7 Dm7 G7 Em7 A7 Dm7 G7 5 ’ ’ ’ ’ C6 Gm7 C7 F7 F#dim7 Em7 A7 Dm7 G7 9 ’ ’ ’ ’ C6 A7 Dm7 G7 Em7 A7 Dm7 G7 13 ’ ’ ’ ’ C6 Gm7 C7 F7 F#dim7 Dm7 G7 C6 17 ’ ’ ’ ’ E7 A7 21 ’ ’ ’ ’ D7 G7 25 ’ ’ ’ ’ C6 A7 Dm7 G7 Em7 A7 Dm7 G7 29 The composition was written shortly after Dizzy Gillespie left him to return to New York during a tour in Los Angeles. Lagu ˝Moose the Mooceh ˛memiliki banyak hal menarik untuk diteliti, yaitu mulai dari analisis bentuk lagu asli ˝Moose the Mooche ˛,analisis tehnik yang di gunakan di lagu ˝Moose the Mooche ˛,analisis improvisasi alto saxophone yang dimainkan Charlie Parker.

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