leftover pork soup recipes

Cooking time includes dry bean cooking. On top of that, a fellow classmate said to my son, “Oh man, I wish my mom cooked for me like that.” Well if that’s not a compliment, I don’t know what is! As an Amazon Associate we earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. And what a delicious soup it is. In a soup kettle or Dutch oven, combine all ingredients except basil and bring to a boil. The kids LOVED it. Required fields are marked *. pulled pork, from a pork roast, with onions and garlic, great Northern beans or cannellini beans, drained and rinsed, In a large pot or Dutch oven, add the olive oil, and heat the corn until just slightly golden brown, Add the chicken broth, cover and bring to a boil, Reduce heat to medium, add the beans and kale, and cook until kale is just tender, Serve with fresh limes and fresh cilantro, if desired. I’m super excited to try this because it sounds so comforting and perfect for this time of year. Thanks for the recipe. Normally, I would have made chicken soup, but since we had plenty of cooked pork, that’s what I went with. The first time we had it, I gave them each two ladles of soup. At the same time, I was already tired of eating the same thing over and over again. Smells yummy I spaced out while chatting with hubby and dumped in all my measured out spices., and pork when I put potatoes in! Amazing soup!!! I love, love, love that you transformed last week’s pork roast into this soup. I never purchase containers of watery soup stock, though! So last week, I made an awesome Crock-Pot rosemary garlic pork roast, which I shared here on the blog. More ways to use oils!! I can’t imagine throwing out healthy food! You can add chopped onions and garlic if you are not using a leftover roast. My rib meat was intensely flavored (not being able to douse the ribs in homemade barbeque sauce will do that), but I made sure that there were plenty of seasonings in the recipe to make any pork addition taste good. Leftovers aren’t common on a Whole30, but when they do occur you want to make sure and use them up! Add onions, celery and carrots and cook on medium until the onions just start to turn translucent. A bit over powering with the herbs. Both containers came home licked clean! (I used this Instant Pot chicken stock tutorial to do this, but you can use the slow cooker chicken stock method too.). I also chopped up left over meatballs that I had and added it, and it was so tender and delicious!!! I LOVE this recipe! Soak them in 6 cups of water. Miz Helen. Sure, I could make substitutions and whatnot, but to be honest, tortilla soup just isn’t the same unless you’re topping it with sour cream, chips and cheese in my book. Thanks so much for a delicious recipe. I used leftover rib meat for this recipe (every time… told you I made too much), but you can use any pork really. You can adjust according to your own tastes. Combine these three things along with the fact that I really wanted soup, and that’s how this pork and potato soup recipe was born! I usually make a batch of homemade soup once a week for lunches, and this recipe is in my top ten for soups. It might be my new favorite soup/strew. Use up any stray veggies from your fridge for this meal. You could skip this step, but it really adds some extra flavor. I wish I had a big bowl of this soup right now! I haven’t yet, but I have thyme! I have some beets so I will try throwing those in there too. I’m so glad you liked this Heidi! Please see Disclosure Page for more information. This sounds delicious! The only difference I made was adding some frozen butternut squash because I had it on hand and wanted to use it.

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