lar gibbon lifespan

Their altitudinal range is limited to 1,200 meters. (Columbian Park Zoo, 2012) Typical lifespan Status: wild 30 (high) years; Typical lifespan Status: captivity 44 (high) years; Behavior. A curated database of ageing and life history information in animals, including extensive longevity records. Brockelman, W. 2004. The introductory call is a series of notes by the pair, followed by the great call which begins with the female to which the male answers back, and finally the interlude sequence which is variable, but consists of male and female notes and the male's answering call. gonochoric/gonochoristic/dioecious (sexes separate), Eat or be eaten: predator sensitive foraging among primates, National History Bulletin of the Siam Society,,,,, © 2020 Regents of the University of Michigan. They are also detectable from their movement through trees or by plain sight, but these are much less common (Savini, Boesch, and Reichard, 2009). 1991. a north-to-south decrease in size) is not polymorphism. Inheritance and selective effects of color phase in white-handed gibbons (Hylobates lar) in central Thailand. Our lab leads the upkeep and development of HAGR. American Journal of Primatology, 46: 35-62. Reichard, U., V. Sommer. Gibbons use vocalization for … White-handed gibbons have the largest latitudinal range of Hylobates species (Gron, 2010). Help us improve the site by taking our survey. young are relatively well-developed when born. On average, 15.5 hours are spent up in 'sleeping trees', from a few hours before dusk comes, until the following morning, a behavior which is an adaptation to minimize risk of predation. in.) Reichard, U., V. Sommer. Database of human genetic variants associated with longevity. No information on metabolism is available. Contributor Galleries One square centimeter of skin has over 2,000 individual hairs (13,125 per sq. The term only applies when the distinct groups can be found in the same area; graded or clinal variation throughout the range of a species (e.g. Home ranges are defended during intergroup encounters and overlapping zones of ranges. (Brockelman and Geissmann, 2008). change in fur color), or age-related changes to be polymorphic. Hylobates lar Common name White-handed gibbon Lifespan, ageing, and relevant traits Maximum longevity 56 years (captivity) Source John Gramieri, pers. Epiphytes and climbing plants are also abundant. A portal of ageing changes covering different biological levels, integrating molecular, physiological and pathological age-related data. Food sources are also shared in overlapping territory areas (Reichard, 1998). Color is variable, not related to sex- very dark brown, black, red or light buff. at They also eat leafy plants, flowers, and insects, and are very selective feeders when it comes to fruit consumption. Not much more is known about their ecosystem importance. White-handed gibbons are allo and auto-grooming animals. Sample size Large Data quality High Observations. Grooming site preferences in wild white-handed gibbons (Hylobates lar). Miller, L. 2002. Accessed Studies focused on cancer, in particular using genomics and bioinformatics approaches. Their elongated forelimbs, hands, and feet are adaptations for brachiation, which is their primary mode of travel through forest canopies (Vereecke, D'Aout, and Aerts, 2006). Monogamy is seen with females who live in smaller home ranges where resources are denser, whereas polyandry is seen in females who live in larger home ranges and good resources are not numerous (Savini et al., 2009). National Science Foundation They all have a pronounced and complete white face ring around hairless face, white hands and feet. Referring to something living or located adjacent to a waterbody (usually, but not always, a river or stream). 2006. Savini, T., C. Boesch, U. Reichard. Fifteen and a half hours on average are spent in 'sleeping trees', from several hours before dusk until the following morning. (Reichard, 1998; Savini, et al., 2009; Whitington and Treesucon, 1991), Potential predators of white-handed gibbons include eagles, leopards, marbled cats, and pythons, though no act of predation has been observed. Unfortunately, they are no longer found in China. This behavior reflects their adaptations to minimize predation risk. Lar gibbons are diurnal and arboreal, inhabiting rain forests. Referring to an animal that lives in trees; tree-climbing. 1985. These calls average 11 minutes and can be heard up to one kilometer away (Raemaekers and Raemaekers, 1985). Behaviour, 134: 1135-1174. Primate Info Net. Behaviour, 95: 26-44. A curated database of candidate human ageing-related genes and genes associated with longevity and/or ageing in model organisms. Home ranges are anywhere from 17 to 40 hectares in size (Savini, Boesch and Reichard, 2009). Size: 45 – 50cms. National History Bulletin of the Siam Society, 39: 111-122. Family: Hylobatidae. the area in which the animal is naturally found, the region in which it is endemic. Lifespan/Longevity. 1969. Animal Behaviour, 75: 991-1001. (Miller, 2002), Given that white-handed gibbons are frugivores, they are most likely important for seed dispersal (Brockelman and Geissmann, 2008). Convergent in birds. Varying ecological quality influences the probability of polyandry in white-handed gibbons (Hylobates lar) in Thailand. Weaning lasts about 20 months. uses smells or other chemicals to communicate, to jointly display, usually with sounds in a highly coordinated fashion, at the same time as one other individual of the same species, often a mate. for Old World monkeys. Search in feature The same food sources are returned to multiple times during peak season to eat the ripest fruit each time (Whitington and Treesucon, 1991). Eat or be eaten: predator sensitive foraging among primates. Database of human genes associated with cellular senescence. Normal duets are a function of territoriality; signaling to neighboring groups who pose a threat (Raemaekers and Raemaekers, 1985). While ADW staff and contributors provide references to books and websites that we believe are reputable, we cannot necessarily endorse the contents of references beyond our control.

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