how to set amp gain with multimeter

Anyway I hooked them up and I was ready to set the gain on my amp the best way I know how. Re: setting amps gain with multimeter to protect speakera Or set it with track #66 test tone as a starting point then put the loudest cd with the most bass and see what it reads, if it reads over 10V on some peaks, back up the voltage maybe 2 or 3 volts. I have it set at 63v which I think it should be 44v. When I'm doing the calculations do I use my woofer ohm or the amp ohm? I'm running a 12 inch HD D2 American Bass to 1 ohm at 2000 watts. I know how to set the gain with a multimeter, but is there a reason why all eq and extras should be flat? I have been attempting to set my gain with a digital multimeter. Thanks in advance. Feb 5, 2013 18,540 793 South Coast Metro, CA. Instead of 'winging it' by setting the gain by hand, I watched a video that indicated using voltage and a multimeter it's a step up from that. Thank you! I'm trying to set my gain on my amp to get an idea of where I should set my gain. but what should all the settings be when i tune it with a dmm? Problem is when I am setting it, it should be set at 40 on the meter, but it won't go up that high when I turn the gain all the way up. Am I doing it wrong? I believe I was sent a defective amp but I'm past the return policy (Amazon.) I know i have to get a 60Hz tone and have my EQ as flat. So I just had to set gains with that amp and it would protect with just the multimeter leads connected. Everything works fine, I just need to set it all up to it's operating at it's peak. What you're going to do is get your DMM and find the voltage thats optimal for your amplifier. I had to have the subs connected while I set gain. Jeffdachef Gunz That Turn on Nunz. With a formula of V=square root of Power of Amp in RMS and Resistance of Speaker Load. However using this method was way too loud and I have had a couple of subs blown. Like does my amp output need to be 2000 x 1 then square of that or do I do 2000 x 2 for the square root of 4000. My amp and sub are both 400 watts rms wired at 4 ohms. I have a 1400w peak 2 channel crunch amp hooked up to a bridged 1200w peak 10" kicker l7 dvc sub at 4ohms. I can only get it to 40 when I add bass boost. I want to know how to set the gains right step by step. I also get a slight hum from the amp. So I'd appreciate it if you could let me know if your gain sets fine with just multimeter leads and you have no hum. If I set the gain and then play with the EQ a it will that not send the amp into clipping or something? If you really want to do it right, you need to set your gains with a digital multimeter (DMM). (With the lc7i you can leave the gain on the amp all the way down and then turn up the nob on the lc7i effectively still the gain, but a light will come up when you start clipping.

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