how to introduce a guest speaker in a meeting

Let’s hear what Joe has to say about “Back to Square One.”. You wrap it in colorful paper and tie it with ribbon to help create anticipation, excitement and a sense of the occasion. It’s likely that the experienced public speaker has crafted that introduction word for … Get the presentation off on a high note by establishing an up-beat tone 4. Remember the speaker also needs to know who you are. Everyone is expected to be proficient but most are not. You are aiming for continuity not the big disconnect. Are those strange qualifications for a speaker about to address this Conference of…, striving to work within the system? In most cases, 60 to 90 seconds should be your goal, with some introductions shorter and some longer depending on the situation. Many times, the speaker will have an introduction prepared for you. Always open to new ideas, Marie can be reached at: [email protected]. The purpose of an introduction is to gain the audience’s attention. Ask the speaker if he or she has a prepared introduction. If a speaker provides a lengthy vitae, do not feel obligated to use it all. [1] X Research source When the speaker provides an introduction for you, use it. Even if they don’t, they can provide information you can use. It is more likely you are nervous and a bit uneasy about what is expected. Smile and be enthusiastic in tone, gesture and choice of words. I tell my coaching clients that reading is not rehearsing. Shift through and pick out the things that connect the speaker with the subject and audience. Read the written introduction of the professional speaker word for word. Just because the audience is there doesn’t mean the are ready to listen. Let them know “What’s In It for Me”–narrow the gap between the audience and the lectern. Few things will be more embarrassing for you, and awkward for the speaker, than mispronouncing the person’s name. It is o.k. If you’re slated to introduce the guest speaker you should make a point to introduce yourself to them first thing in the morning to ensure you have the proper pronunciation of their name and tell them that you’ll be introducing them. If you have any questions about it, ask the speaker before the introduction. The art of the introduction is not easy, but with some planning and practice, you can create a warm welcome that makes all the difference.To share this message with people you care about simply hit the "share" button below. We can be very proud of our record. Establish the speaker’s qualifications to speak on the topic 3. Write out your introduction. I agree 3 minutes tops to introduce a speaker or anyone, a band, etc. Comment introduire un intervenant. Whether you’re in a small meeting or at a convention, it’s critical to connect the audience’s needs and interests with the speaker’s talk. The audience may have just come from listening to another speaker on a totally different topic and are still mulling over the ideas. Your introduction should be clear, concise, and focused. “It rhymes with…”, Know the speaker’s title or position. If possible, talk with the person ahead of time. You can talk about your personal experience briefly, but then quickly transfer attention to the speaker. If the credentials of the speaker are so outstanding that they must be shared with the audience or if there are publications the audience will want to know about, insert them in the program or prepare a separate commemorative handout. These need not take long once you understand what you are doing and why. I am so pleased to be with you tonight and to have the chance to introduce our guest speaker, (say speakers name). Personal Development, Listening, Communications, The introduction that seems to last longer than the speech, The person who reads word-for-word a long biography exactly as it is printed in the program, The introducers who make it more about themselves than the speaker. to bring notes to the lectern but keep them inconspicuous. He / She has been one of the main proponents of this program for several years, and it a true stand out in this field. Critical tip: Make sure you have the correct pronunciation of the speaker’s name. His topic is “Arrive Alive.” Please help me welcome…”, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this audience has done more for the homeless in our community than any other local group. (Sometimes that idea has crossed my mind in the middle of a long, dull, and droning introduction covering every achievement in the life of the speaker and frankly, it might be an improvement.) If it is an unusual name, help the audience learn it. If you’re excited about what comes next, you need to let people know, through your voice, your body language, and your facial expressions. As Secretary of the…under the…administration, she has promulgated more changes (as measured by pages in the Federal Register) to the regulations relating to…than in the previous 100 years.® – the free web journal on law, technology and research for Librarians, Lawyers, Researchers, Academics, and Journalists. “Good afternoon students. Do not turn and ask the speaker “Is it Associate or Assistant Professor?”. The introduction of the individual panelists can be done two ways: All at once or individually as the panel program progresses. The important thing to remember is that the focus is not solely on the speaker, it is on bringing together the three elements so they open a window. The introducer will be happy to have it and it gives you an opportunity to expand your speech and personalize your background in ways that you would be more comfortable with someone else doing. When the guest speaker isn’t available, talk to people who know them, such as mutual acquaintances or their coworkers. Click the Donate button and support. Our speaker this morning is well known to us. Why not just let the speaker get up and start speaking? If the speaker is not using a title, make sure that your description matches the speakers. Fourteen Introduction Tips. It is better if you do not wait for them to find you. When you ask for information, ask what the speaker would like you to emphasize or what the speaker thinks is relevant. If it’s a professional speaker, the answer will almost certainly be yes. One of the most frequent requests I get is for tips on how to introduce a guest speaker. Introductions fuse three elements: the subject, the audience and the speaker. Too many introductions are lukewarm, merely going through the motions. He credits his good driving record to having taken this class. com/columns/guide2.htm, FOUNDER, EDITOR, PUBLISHER SABRINA I. PACIFICI. If you are chosen to introduce the chief guest of the event, you should: Initially, greet them personally when they arrive. Doing my first speech and wanted to really nail and introduction knowing it could put me on good footing to start. Today’s class is a new format with a guest speaker. If it is an unusual name, help the audience learn it. Larry has been a licensed driver since 16 and has only been involved in one fender bender. Introductions are like giving a gift. The answer is prepare, practice and be enthusiastic. Transfer them, in large font, to a large sheet a paper. Most audiences prefer a handout with the panelists’ credentials so they can refer to it as the panel progresses. Please join me in welcoming…”. A brief story can have a huge impact in effectively kicking off the talk.I always appreciate it when I’m introduced with a personal touch. You’ll not only make a connection, but you can ask how the person would like to be introduced.If the biography is in the program, point that out and then cover a few highlights that you believe are most relevant and compelling to your audience. This helps me to develop an intimate relationship with the audience more quickly. How to Introduce and Honor Chief Guest in Function Tips! Avoid using canned jokes. Knowing how to introduce a speaker is an important skill in our professional and personal lives. She continues to be a dynamic speaker and prolific writer on such topics as private law library management, presentations and training. Don’t steal the showWhile it’s good to make the personal connection with the speaker, it’s also important to avoid making it about yourself. As a professional group, we are confronted with problems for which we must take some responsibility. Always having shelter is this morning’s subject. Go online or talk to people who know the guest. Know enough about the subject to sound knowledgeable. Anecdotes are good but should pertain to the subject and be in harmony with the mood of the presentation. Larry…, is the assistant director of the State Transportation Safety Agency. Establish the speaker’s authorityIt’s important for you to establish the speaker’s credibility as an expert on the topic and the relevance to this audience. It doesn’t count unless the words are spoken from your lips.

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