how to hide desktop icons mac

Icons on the desktop make things look really cluttered, and Mac OS X has always embraced them for removable drives — but thankfully you can easily turn them off in the preferences page. In fact if you want to get these icons back you can use the same settings navigation and turn-on the icons for your Mac Desktop. The app is available in the Mac App Store, and you can download it for free. Are you looking for a way to hide files, folders and desktop icons on your Mac? [Back to Table of Contents] Hide Icons Using Terminal. If you are familiar with terminal commands in Mac, and know the right commands, you can perform a ton of wonders.By using Mac terminal commands you can easily, and quickly hide desktop icons.. To launch the terminal commands in Mac, follow the steps mentioned below –. I want to have the icon in the bar at the bottom of the screen and/or in Launchpad. To show desktop icons, click on the HiddenMe icon and click on the option "Show Desktop Icons." If I trash that desktop icon I trash the software package. 1. Click and you icons appear on the screen. How to hide Desktop icons on Mac when idle. Single click to hide/unhide, Right-click for menu: Left click on HiddenMe icon will hide / show all files and icons on Mac screen (Macbook), right-click on hiddenme icon will open the menu. 1. Same and even simpler settings for Mac. Using Terminal Commands. Make Tech Easier published a tutorial about how to hide files, folders and desktop icons on Mac. You can hide your icon and files from the desktop by executing simple commands in Terminal. Mac offers an app to hide your desktop icons on Mac using an app known as HiddenMe, which has the ability and allows you to hide and unhide desktop icons on your Mac comfortably. So, if you’re in the same, or even a similar boat as I am, and you’re looking for ways to hide desktop icons on a Mac, there are a bunch of ways you can do that, the easiest of them being — “there’s an app for that.” HiddenMe is a free app that sits in your menu bar, and toggles desktop icons on and off with just a click. This will hide the icons from the Mac desktop This setting is basically an option of user interface, this will not delete the icons permanently. I do not want the icon on the desktop. Try this freeware to hide desktop icons on your Mac. The first method for achieving a clean, neat desktop involves making a quick trip to Finder’s preferences to untick a few boxes. Head to the menu bar, open up Preferences for Finder, and then look at the section for “Show these items on the desktop”. That is how you hide desktop icons when not in use or simply left idle. You will need a one-click solution for your problem, and this is where third-party apps come in handy. 8. Click on the icon and click on the option "Hide Desktop Icons." Conclusion Click on the Launchpad icon and type “Terminal” in the search bar. Click on its icon on your desktop; Click Hide Desktop Icons; To unhide these icons, simply click on the app’s icon then Show Desktop Icons. This app is also available on the Mac App Store. Step 1: Click on the desktop and then select Preferences… in the Finder menu. But the original icon remains on the desktop. Double click on desktop to show the icons: Double-clicking on the screen will show hidden files and icons. Hide Desktop Icons on Mac Using Third-party Apps If you are someone who likes to play hide and seek with your desktop icons, using Terminal can be a little bit time-consuming. How to Hide Files, Folders and Desktop Icons on Mac. Below is a step-by-step guide of how to use the app to hide the icons on your Mac. How to hide desktop device icons in Finder. 1. Clean, on the other hand, organizes your desktop icons in folders based on the date or your preferred settings, leaving your desktop clean.

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