holy transfiguration russian orthodox church

Transfiguration of Our Lord Russian Orthodox Church CHURCH FEAST, WITH HIS EMINENCE METROPOLITAN HILARION SERVING August 18/19, 2017 This year, after two years of intense repairs, the restoration of our church building concluded with a complete transfiguration of the church. The first was pre-eternally from the Father, the second was two thousand years ago in Bethlehem of Judea, and the third – until the end of time – is in each Christian soul that has come to love the law of the Gospel. She daily came to the temple and prayed unimpeded in the Holy of Holies, conversing with the angels, who brought Her heavenly food, while the food She received together with the other children She gave away to the poor. Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying: behold, a Virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” Such is the mystery of the third nativity. “Wherever you look with your spiritual eyes, – writes St. John of Kronstadt, – either inside yourself, or around yourself, everywhere you will see great cause for thanking and glorifying God!”. But what did they do with this good seed? Look at who finds himself where. Let us carefully trace the loving and pious way in which the Orthodox Church approaches the interpretation of the amazingly wise teaching on the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ, based upon the entire fullness of the Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition. Both the holy Apostles and their closest disciples, as well as the holy Church Fathers of all ages, accepted and sacredly preserved in all their purity and inviolability these Divine words of the Saviour about Himself and the Church He had founded. He asks Abraham to send Lazarus to his remaining brothers on earth, in order to save them from eternal perdition by warning them of the dire fate that awaits them. The parable of the rich man and Lazarus adds to the parable of the good seed by showing us a concrete example of its action on people. In times of trials and tribulations many people despair and grumble against God. This idea itself did not arise until, under the influence of naturalistic philosophy, people began to believe in evolution, and if evolution is true, then the world must be millions of years old (since evolution has never been observed, it is imagined only within the supposition that countless millions of years could produce processes which are too “slow” for modern scientists to be able to observe them). the word of God. Beginning August 12, 2020 our church is partially opening, celebrating Vespers one night during the week and Divine Liturgy on Saturday. A certain Protestant minister, while visiting the sick, once came to a psychiatric hospital. And although revelation is higher than natural knowledge, still we know that there cannot be any contradictions between true Revelation and true natural knowledge. Which one of us has not had in his life some bright and joyous memories connected with the image of the Mother of God? Jesus Christ is the True God, eternally being born of the Essence of the Father, the One-in-Essence and Only-begotten Son of God, the Second Person of the Most-holy, Life-giving, and Indivisible Trinity, God the Word. On the Mountain You were Transfigured, O Christ God, And Your disciples beheld Your glory as far as they could see it; So that when they would behold You crucified, Typically, Great Vespers is conducted on the eve of the feast, and on the morning of the feast, the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom celebrated, traditionally preceded by the Matins service. The Holy Gospel and everything that is written in it – these are the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer dares, prayer does not know the impossible. No, it had never entered his mind to thank God for such an obvious gift. And He Himself will be thy Simon of Cyrene. All the children dedicated to God lived at the temple in special chambers, exercising themselves in prayer, the reading of the Holy Scriptures, and various activities appropriate to their gender and age. Ancient Jews had the custom, in exceptional cases in their family life, of dedicating their children to God’s service. There is a moving account which Holy Tradition passes on to us concerning the entry of the Holy Theotokos into the temple, in commemoration of which today’s feast has been established. When the Virgin Mary became three years old, Her parents hastened to fulfill their vow. the Old Testament, but also the entire New Testament, all the divine words of the Lord Himself and of His apostles, and all the divinely-inspired writings of the Holy Fathers.

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