generic in a sentence

Buying generic products is often a great way to save money, but not if your kids will refuse to eat the storebrand peanut butter because they hate the way it tastes. Driving through a creek gets you a generic splashing sound and no slow-down to your car. Linseed is subject to extensive and detrimental adulterations, resulting not only from careless harvesting and cleaning, whereby seeds of the flax dodder, and other weeds and grasses are mixed with it, but also from the direct admixture of cheaper and inferior oil-seeds, such as wild rape, mustard, sesame, poppy, &c., the latter adulterations being known in trade under the generic name of " buffum.". Or, are they merely brokering the site and letting someone whose background is unknown create simple, generic readings? Your relationship with the person you are buying a gift for- more personal gifts can be a great thing for friends and family, while for co-workers you may want to choose items that are a bit more generic and that anyone will appreciate. It's uninspiringly generic, but delivered with such cumbersome and charmless aggression that it soon becomes irksome, even risible in places. gigantea (the only two surviving species of this generic type are now confined to a few localities in California, but were formerly widely spread in Europe and elsewhere), Pinus Coulteri, P. Lambertiana, &c. Farther south, a few representatives of such genera as Abies, Cupressus, Pinus and juniper are found in the Mexican Highlands, tropical America and the West Indies. The generic characters are based upon definite modifications of form which affect the entire facies of the animals, while the specific diagnoses depend upon minor characters, such as the number of myotomes or muscle-segments. Ask your doctor to give you a prescription for generic medications. The smooth, black and brown scales of the back are highly iridescent, hence the generic name of this peculiar snake, which reaches the length of one yard. You can find out if there's a generic for your own birth control pill by asking your doctor, or by visiting the FDA's Electronic Orange Book. and Trans. In the I3th century the name given to the vulgar tongue of eastern Spain was Calaknesch (Caalizni,scr~s) or Catald (Cata lanus)the idiom of the Catalans.1 By Catalanesch or Catal was understood, essentially, the spoken language and the language of prose, while that of poetry, with a large admixture of Provenal forms, was early called Lemosi, Limosi or language of LimousinCatalan grammarians, and particularly the most celebrated of them, Ramon Vidal de Besalfl, having adopted Lemosi as the generic name of the language of the troubadours. Tired of playing those generic makeover games? According to the resolutions of the International Geographical Congress the larger individual forms which have been described by generic terms shall have specific names of a purely geographical character; but in the case of the minor forms the names of ships and persons are considered applicable. judged according to the PGC, in relation to the generic rights violated. Using Post name brand coupons to buy your favorite variety is the best way to go frugal grocery shopping when a generic version will not suffice. Dollar stores: For simple, generic items, opt for dollar stores and guaranteed low prices. Equally, tho, the Americas possess a range of arid deserts with a more generic scope. ", Greeting - Besides the generic "Dear John" or "Dear Jane," you might decide to employ a sarcastic greeting like, "Dear Loser" or "Hey Idiot.". That's not to say that the most beautiful woman on the site won't contact you -- but if she's half naked and sending you a generic email with a link to an escort service, be wary. The longest known of these was originally named Leptodon graecus, but, on account of the preoccupation of the generic title, the designation has been changed to Pliohyrax graecus. If you discover that you need a new blade, generic blades might do the trick, or you can check with the fan manufacturer to see if fan blades for your model are still available. Of course, you can also opt for a more generic couple, such as vampires, pirates or animals. When contacted by a spam profile, the text will often be something very generic about having just signed up for the site and expressing interest in meeting new people with few specifics. There are many generic silicone BlackBerry cases available through various e-tailers on eBay. All students are encouraged to attend short courses and workshops aimed at developing generic, transferable skills. Many of the generic toys are just as cute and durable. The statute by which this change was initiated was the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act 1845; and the policy has been continued by a series of later statutes which, together with the act of 1845, are now grouped under the generic title of the Lands Clauses Acts. Individual, specific and generic variations are frequent. This test rig needs to be replicated and made more generic. Clive generic self-testing shells was also seen as a useful tool for immediate delivery of courseware. 2. Most of the actors are fairly generic, but in the central role Foster has a terrific screen presence. Holiday-themed items will be slashed the most, so pick up some generic Christmas ornaments, candles, snowglobes or figurines for next year's gift exchanges, teacher presents or gifts for neighbors. On its own, it's a fairly generic and very repetitive button masher. NYMPHS, in Greek mythology, the generic name of a large number of female divinities of inferior rank, personifications of the creative and fostering activities of nature. OCTODON, the generic name for a small South American rodent mammal (Octodon degus) locally known as the degu. From the celebrity of this cemetery as an object of pilgrimage its name became extensively known, and in entire forgetfulness of the origin of the word, catacumbae came to be regarded as a generic appellation for all burial-places of the same kind. The covering paper discussed generic aspects of toxicology testing to tobacco products. ALCOHOL, in commerce, the name generally given to "spirits of wine"; in systematic organic chemistry it has a wider meaning, being the generic name of a class of compounds (hydroxy hydrocarbons) of which ordinary alcohol (specifically ethyl alcohol) is a typical member (see Alcohols).

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