destiny 2 best legendary pulse rifle

Which, if any, is the best pulse rifle? ... Best Community Support Goes to Destiny 2 trophy. This list will include all of the best PvE and PvP pulse rifles and include some exotics as well. Let’s start this list of the best new Destiny 2: Beyond Light legendary weapons with a solid one. Destiny 2: 5 Awesome Pulse Rifles For PVE (& 5 To Let Go) A Guardian needs the ideal weapon for enemy encounters. Pulse Rifles could use a buff. After combing through the full list, here are our recommendations for the best pulse rifles in Destiny 2. share. save hide report. Pulse rifles deliver a volley of 3 rounds for each firing sequence, rewarding Guardians with accuracy, sometimes resulting in a 2-burst kill. Posted by. I got my 10,000 pulse rifle kills with that gun. Destiny 2 has its fair share of really good weapons, but today I am going to be specifically highlighting the best pulse rifles in Destiny 2. 11.2k. Pulse rifles are powerful and flexible primary weapons in Destiny 2, useful across both PVP and PVE activities.There are a ton to choose from, including several Exotic weapons. Published on: Mar 15, 2015 @ 14:03 Ever since their most recent buff, pulse rifles now serve a broad role in Destiny’s combat.These rifles bridge the gap between the popular auto rifle and the marksman’s scout rifle. 1.0k comments. Bygones Question. In terms of legendary, I would probably say Praedyth's Timepiece, but I don't have it yet and that is based on stats only. Which of Destiny 2's Pulse Rifles are great for PVE and which should be let go? 11.7k. Huge congratz to the team! Category:Destiny 2 Legendary Pulse Rifles - Destiny Wiki - Destiny, Bungie, Activision, Fallen, Cabal, Hive, and more! Just got the chattering bone and really love it, I am just getting back in the game tho and was wondering what legendary pulse rifles are top tier? This is up to date as of … Best legendary pulse rifles? Destiny 2 brings back pulse rifles, the Swiss army knife of weapons. The exception is Red Death, which I think is great.

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