cypress dimensional lumber

It is a very soft wood. I know it is not the strongest of woods, but would it still be an okay wood to use for an axe handle? Cypress has good gluing, nailing, finishing, and paint-holding properties. Copyright © 2008-2020 Eric Meier | All Rights Reserved, Although not technically a cypress in the strictest sense, Workability: Sharp cutters and light passes are recommended when working with Cypress to avoid tearout. I think most instances of allergic reactions occurred when breathing the sawdust. The tree is BEAUTIFUL. ;-) the bench is 4-1/2″ thick, 15″ wide,6′ long, live edge. Sustainability: This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices, and is reported by the IUCN as being a species of least concern. FYI: I receive a commission on sales generated through links to Amazon, eBay, etc. Surfacing is available for many sizes of beams. Cypress makes a beautiful spoon but it is very soft and not a great choice for a spoon that will be used regularly. The early 50s & back was the heyday. Board & Batten - wide boards side by side , narrow batten strip covers gap, Reverse Board & Batten - wide boards with a wide gap between - another wide board, Beveled Siding - 3/4" thick at butt, tapers up to 3/8" thick at the narrow edge, Decking can be supplied in T&G if specified, Photos available in the photo gallery - Cypress Tongue & Groove, Photos available in the Photo Gallery - Cypress Beams, Photos available in Photo Gallery - Cypress Siding, Photos available in Photo Gallery - Pecky Cypress, Photos available in Photo Gallery - Sinker Cypress, Photos available in Photo Gallery - Flooring, Photos available in Photo Gallery - Cypress Decking, Photos available in Photo Gallery - Mouldings, Photos available in Photo Gallery - Antique Lumber, Beams are custom sawn from fresh green Cypress logs, All Cypress beams are custom sawn when they are ordered, Beams are sound & square edge - cut on true sizes, Kiln Drying is available for Beam orders of at least 20,000 board feet, Surfacing is available for Beams of most sizes, Typical Beam Widths :  From 3" wide to 12" wide, Lengths longer than 24 feet are usually available but may take longer to cut. Odor: Cypress has a distinct, somewhat sour odor while being worked. Nick, Just visited some cypress trees on the Black River in North Carolina that are the oldest known trees east of the Rockies. Bees would probably work right through this wood quickly, due to it being a ‘softwood’. We stock several types of siding and paneling or we can custom mill to your specs. Our office was built in 1981 and we chose #2 Cypress stained “Driftwood Gray.” We make sure the lumber is thoroughly kiln dried so it can be used for interior or exterior. Kiln Dried beams are available in truckload quantities. The oldest one found so far has been core dated to 2,600 years old! is the nicest Cypress available because of its rich color, tight grain, proper kiln drying, correct grading and beautiful manufacture. Can Cyprus wood be used to make an apple pulper? Odor: Cypress has a distinct, somewhat sour odor while being worked. Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Cypress has been reported as a sensitizer. Cypress is the woods used exclusively in NYC water towers. Cypress Tongue & Groove ( T&G ) patterns : Beveled Resawn Siding - 9/16" thick at butt, tapers up to 1/4" thick at narrow edge. 2, 1 1/4" thick for joists spaced 16" and wider, or for appearance, Available with edge grooves for fastening with deck clips, 1 1/2" thick for heavy construction, including roof decking, Select & No 2 grades ( No. Has anyone used cyoress for carvong spoons? Transom will be 1 & 1/2″ to accomotate So named because the trees are deciduous (unlike most conifers), and have the peculiar trait of dropping all their needle-like leaves each the winter. Typical Sizes ( cross section - thickness and width ): 3 x 6          4 x 6          6 x 6          8 x 8          10 x 10          12 x 12, 3 x 8          4 x 8          6 x 8          8 x 10        10 x 12, 3 x 10        4 x 10        6 x 10        8 x 12. The explanation of this one source was that it rarely gets to these heights anymore, but in earlier centuries old growth of the tree was much higher. Although not technically a cypress in the strictest sense (Cupressus genus), Baldcypress is in the Cupressaceæ family, which includes many decay resistant woods (including cedars), and the wood is a popular choice in exterior construction applications where decay resistance is needed. Many of the “Shotgun Houses” in New Orleans are constructed of this wood, and many are over 125 years or more old. I have found that quartersawn old growth bald cypress sapwood makes excellent instrument soundboards, particularly for acoustic guitars & ukuleles. Our fine products will arrive in perfect shape. Beveled Siding - 3/4" thick at the butt and tapered, Beveled Resawn Siding - 9/16" thick at the butt and tapered, May have a smooth face for painting or a rough face for staining, Pecky Cypress is characterized by small tunnels through the wood, Pecky tunnels are finger sized pockets running with the grain, Caused by a fungus - Stereum - that dies when the log is cut, Stereum attacks the heartwood of some Cypress trees, Pecky Cypress is always sold Kiln Dried ( KD), Generally sold in 6" or 8" wide boards, or random width ( 6" - 12"), T&G Pecky Cypress makes beautiful interior ceiling and walls, Most common T&G pattern for Pecky Cypress is Center Match, Can be mixed with No.

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