classification of hydroelectric power plant

Prohibited Content 3. They help in creating Recreational Facilities. However, the consumption changes during the day and the night with the use of electricity. Hydro-plants are classified according to the head of water under which they work. Disclaimer 8. Some hydro power plants are so located that the water is taken from the river directly, and no pondage or storage is possible. Water has been a main source of power from thousands of years. The Surge tank stores the additional water which would be required during the peak load time with the supply to the Turbine. Here, the water is kept in reserve for the high demand periods which comes from the Turbines to back up a storage pool which is situated above the power plant. The plants, which can take up load on the base portion of the load curve of the power system, are called the base load power plants. Hydroelectric Power Plants generates electricity for home consumption or business needs. At such places, the water is mainly used for irrigation or navigation and power generation is only incidental. 2 – Basic Block Diagram of Energy Conversion in Hydroelectric Power Plant. (b) Medium Head Hydroelectric Power Plants: In these power plants, the river water is usually tapped off to a forebay on one bank of the river as in case of a low head plant. 5 – Working of Medium Head Power Plant. classification of hydropower plants. The water from the dam is used for Agricultural Irrigation Facility. Storage increases the firm capacity of the plant and it can be used efficiently through­out the year. As the name suggests, the Power Plant is suitable for the peak load curve. It can also be used on any portion of the load curve in a grid system. Hydroelectric Power Plant is classified based on: 1. In such plants there is no control on flow of water. The arrangement is shown in Fig. Fig. 4. Content Filtration 6. As such these plants have a very little firm capac­ity. Chapter Two Classification of Hydroelectric Power Plants 2. Since the dams are created by blocking the river which creates an irregular supply of water. When providing pondage, tailrace condition should be such that floods do not raise the tailrace water level, thus reducing the head on the plant and impairing its effective­ness. At the time of building a hydroelectric power dams, the habitants in and around the area are moved out of their houses and the business. The hydraulic systems are in charge of opening and closing the pen-stock gates. Since for given output, large quantity of water is required, head being low, therefore pipes of large diameter and short length are required in low head plants. In low head power plants Francis, propeller or Kaplan turbines are employed. Account Disable 12. ... be used as base load plant as well as peak load plant as water is available with control as required. 6 7. 2. This needs a big capacity water storage facility. Let us go through both the criteria. The forebay itself serves as the surge tank in this case. Run­off river plants with pondage can be employed as peak load plants. Fig. Run-Off River Power Plants with Pondage: The use­fulness of run-off river power plants is increased by pondage. While constructing the dam, a lake is formed from the reserve water. When the energy of the flowing water is used to run the turbines then the electricity generated is called the hydroelectric power. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'electricalfundablog_com-box-4','ezslot_3',176,'0','0']));Reservoir Power Plants are across the globe in maximum numbers. The longevity of the dams is high which helps in generating electricity at lower cost. Image Guidelines 4. The valve house consists of main sluice valves and automatic isolating valves, which operate on bursting of penstock and cut off further supply of water to penstock. These types of Power Plants save the conservation of coal. The Hydroelectric Power generation is renewable and is eco-friendly. Generation of electricity by hydropower (potential energy in stored water) is one of the cleanest methods of producing electric power. Let us go through both the criteria. 3. Hydroelectric Power Plant is classified based on: eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'electricalfundablog_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_5',156,'0','0'])); Fig. The Forebay serves as a surge tank. An impoundment facility, typically a large hydropower system, uses a dam to store river water in a reservoir. Report a Violation 11. However, as far as small hydro is concerned the upper and lower limit varies from country to country while defining the small hydro. To keep the temperatures in control, the cooling systems are monitored to prevent overheating of the transformers, the cables and so on. The concept of how the Hydroelectric Power Plant works is straightforward and simple, however the operation of the same is quite complex. Such plants are called the run-off river power plants without pondage. Tidal Power Plants: Tidal power plants are not considered as a hydropower plant. Res­ervoir plants can of course be used as peak load plants also. When the operating head of water exceeds 70 metres, the plant is known as “h igh head power plant ”. The water from the Reservoir is transferred through the Dam Gates and the Pen-stock to the Turbines. Uploader Agreement. Classification According to the Extent of Water Flow Regulation Available B. (c) High Head Hydroelectric Power Plants: If high head is available, a site may be chosen, where a stream de­scending a steep lateral valley can be dammed and a reser­voir for storage of water is formed. Availability of Water Flow 2. Huge Collection of Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management shared by visitors and users like you. Apart from the above said classification, there is also a class of very large hydro power plants coming up with capacity ranging from more than 5,000 MW up to 10,000 MW due to the large scale investment and better technology available. The Turbines are connected from the Shaft to the Rotor of the generator which converts to the Electricity from the mechanical energy. Classification According to Availability of Water Head C. Classification According to Type of Load Supplied D. Classification of Hydroelectric Power Plants Based on Installed Capacity.

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