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Body Shot/Funnel Relay Race: Number of Participants – 4 per team. 1. 4. Every team in between…you get the point. Once everyone on the team has been an anchor, that round is considered completed, and the points are tallied up. Funny Team Names Drink List Olympic Team Juventus Logo Team Logo Olympics Drinking Beer Drinks. Only gold medals are given out, because first place is the only place that matters in the Beer Olympics. Salt is then spread in a line on her chest, and a sliced lime is put in her mouth. There’s no way I’d represent any country besides the good ole’ US of A! Find the perfect funny name for your team. Regardless of how many cups were hit and by whom, “rollback” and “fire” rules do not apply during penalty shots. There’s no way I’d represent any country besides the good ole’ US of A! 2. Into the bucket 1 can of beer per team member is poured. Volume Chug: Number of Participants – Whole Team. because in the name is the identity of your team or group when you’re playing something drinking beer pong games team names. Hopefully you get the thin girl who has a little divot in her stomach when she’s on her back, but if you get a “bigger” girl, you’re taking that shot out of the belly button, son), a bro to take the shot off of her, a bro to hold the funnel, and another bro to actually funnel the beer. The order of events are announced (as decided upon by team captains). Beer Pong Team Names. You cannot hold your own funnel, there is no “I” in team. Once your eliminated you may do nothing more than offer your team moral support in the form of catchy cheers. 1. Saved by Melody Ficarro. In lieu of said tradition 10-cup, 21-cups are played with (6-5-4-3-2-1 rack). Fastest time wins. The girl lays down on a table, and one shot of an agreed upon liquor (usually tequila) is poured on to her. If any player cannot hold their alcohol for this specific event, that player is disqualified, and the team must finish the Olympics one man down. Donkey Pong – In reference to the video game and character Donkey Kong. Drinking team names. Since it’s August, we, as Bros, have quite a few things to look forward to. 2. The Beer Olympics combine the competitive nature of intramural sports, with the enough beer to drown a small village. If the ball is bounced into a cup, that cup and another are to be consumed by one team member. Hong Pong – In reference to Hong Kong. King Pong – In reference to King Kong. A point-deduction penalty is assed if: 3. For this event, each team needs 4 participants. Everyone knows how to play, and in this event there are no penalties. Only the person closest may retrieve that ball, no jumping across the table. Browse through team names to find funny team names and cool team names. 3. Beer Pong (Beirut for you traditionalists): Number of Participants – 2 per team. Beer Pong Team Names For Couples, Funny, Best And Badass. If the ball is shot, and bounces off of a cup and to the side of the table, it’s fair game for each team. 2. When the case is done, or when all sides have decided they can’t drink anymore, whichever team has the most empty beer cans on their side is declared the winner. So guys, if you are playing beer Pong games then you create your own team. Once all the points have been tallied up, a winner is declared. On go, they have to drink as many beers as they can. Points are based on how many cups the winning team has remaining at the end of each round. You’ve made it to the final event. However, this isn’t your mother’s 10-cup. In official Beer Olympics play, in the spirit of speeding up competition, “catching fire” and team “rollbacks” are allowed. There needs to be between 15-20 cans of beer allocated per player, per team. 1. Check out our complete list of team names. we all love to … Civil War. All rights reserved. Any leftover cans of beer are allocated to the winners. Last place always gets 1 point. Saved from Everyone knows how to play, and in this event there are no penalties. Every team competes in every event, but not every team member. Ideally teams will have the same number of girls on them, to avoid one team being at a disadvantage. At this point in the day, your motor skills are on par with those of a mentally handicapped penguin, that’s why flip cup is the perfect game to get into. Are you looking for the best drinking team name? 2. Copyright © 2008-2020 BroBible. A girl (This is why having at least one girl per team is crucial. Fire is achieved after a single player hits 3 cups in a row, and rollbacks occur when team members both hit cups in the same turn.

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