akg d5 microphone review

I got mine at B&H for $63 shipped, at that price it is a fantastic value. If you want a great value, budget live microphone which doesn’t require phantom power, this could be an option for you. AKG D5 Microphone Review Any band or entertainer that has performed on stage knows how important it is to have a high quality mic. On the other hand, if you mostly play soft and melodic, e835 would suit it better. On contrary, they may even benefit from the extra smoothing that D5 provides. What mic would you recommend for a rock singer… D5 or e835? AKG D5 is a cheap but rugged supercardioid mic. AKG are a brand name most musicians come across, known for their microphone and headphone technology, the brand have been active for 70 years now, and in that time have manufactured some classic microphones. I started using this mic because of price and the fact that my 787a stopped working. In terms of recording, there are better microphones out there. I like the presence of the D-5. It helps the vocals cut through the mix and allows for a better performance, whilst cutting down on the feedback issues and noise issues that can often become an embarrassing problem for audio engineers. Dynamic mics inevitably take a beating, and the D5’s rugged construction means it stands the test of live vocalists battering, shaking and constantly moving their microphones, just like the SM58. If you are after a purity of sound then yes. When comparing to more advanced handhelds, D5 may kind of sound inarticulate but as a budget piece of equipment it actually performs pretty well. I’ve been using a D5 now for about 2 years in a hobby/cover band. Shure SM48 Review – Budget Vocal Microphone, Behringer C-1 Condenser Microphone Review. D5 relies on AKG’s patented laminated diaphragm that is claimed to be less resonant and therefore more resistant to feedback. And this is priced well below the 58 beta, which I’ve heard wildly diff opinions of. This way you know what you’re getting. It offers similar but slightly superior sound to Shure SM58. In addition to the above, this is also the mic you can pass to anyone without any back thought because it’s cheap and durable. This mic has a promising frequency response that offers same amount of brightness as SM58 but without any abrupt bumps in high end. In todays AKG D5 review, we’re looking at a microphone designed to be hard wearing and great for live vocals of all descriptions. It just sounds a little blurry, and although those with shrill or harsh voices could potentially benefit from this, in normal circumstances it could be robbing you of some detail…. Dynamic mic with XLR connection in-keeping with industry standard, especially for live sound uses. Despite the tough-to-read quick On the other hand, I find that transient response has a room for improvement. Understanding different microphone polar patterns. In todays AKG D5 review, we’re looking at a microphone designed to be hard wearing and great for live vocals of all descriptions. The D5 isn’t the most expensive mic in the world, and being dynamic, it is designed to be hard wearing as much as for audio, but it strikes a good balance, and considering the price point at which this mic can be found, it is hard to argue with the features on offer. A look through other D5 reviews on Amazon or other retailers, as well as the many music gear publications out there, can throw up some interesting opinions. The high end is somewhat gentle but it has more clarity than Shure, and of course, it cuts through better. Although I am a big fan of both microphones, there are quite a few reviews on Amazon that have directly compared the two, and some say that the D5 gives the vocals a bit more of a shine. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Nevertheless, I believe it has more to do with its supercardioid pattern that naturally makes it more receptive – rather than a flawed design. With a passion for music and writers with years of experience playing instruments, teaching music production and writing about equipment, Subreel is growing into a huge resource for both pro and wannabe musicians. The supercardiod aspect intrigues me…I would like to try a “decent” but inexpensive one to see how it goes (studio only). Also, it's nearly eight inches long, which makes it difficult to drop. It has a die-cast metal body and the mesh grilles are made of spring steel. Amateur singers don’t necessarily need mics that provide lots of detail. Tighter pick up pattern also gives it more flexibility to deal with gain before feedback. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It offers similar but slightly superior sound to Shure SM58. AKG D5 AKGs bekannte Varimotion-Technik, die schon bei den hochwertigen Kopfhörermodellen des Herstellers für einen ausgewogenen Klang verantwortlich war, kommt nun auch bei den dynamischen Gesangsmikrofonen zum Einsatz. Both are actually great budget mics. Tighter pick up pattern also gives it more flexibility to deal with gain before feedback. By Joshua Garber for Pro Audio Review Published: June 7, 2012 . It’s also unlikely to develop scratches, unless it meets concrete or other coarse materials, so it’s one less thing to worry about. I used to be a Shure SM57 or Sm58 guy for live microphones, when it comes to vocals and guitars anyway. Crisp, clear, and loud, it cuts through the mix beautifully and … It looks and feels solid. AKGs neues Vocal-Mikrofon für den Live-Einsatz, das D5 C, haben wir im Test. AKG manufacture some amazing audio gear, and this microphone, whilst not their very best, does what it sets out to. Shock mounted capsule means that unwanted noise is eliminated. It does a great job of not picking up much external noise from the rear and sides of the microphone. In terms of handling noise, it does not stand to the claims and it’s noticeably worse than Shure. These cookies do not store any personal information. Anyone who needs an affordable, decent sounding mic can look into D5. This mic is anything but a copycat though and deserves to be talked about on its own merits.

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